3rd Announcement: 4th iNTeg-Risk Conference 2012

3rd Announcement: 4th iNTeg-Risk Conference 2012

„Managing Early Warnings – what and how to look for?“
Stuttgart, Germany on May 7-8, 2012

in conjunction with iNTeg-Risk education courses (“European Master of Risk Management and Engineering”) and
OECD workshop “Space Technologies, TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURES”
and “China-Europe Risk Forum”

Maritim Hotel Stuttgart
Seidenstraße 34
70174 Stuttgart

The Maritim Hotel Stuttgart is located in the centre of the city nearby the main railway station.

The 4th iNTeg-Risk conference is an excellent opportunity for project partners to communicate their results to the “outside world” and an opportunity for interested professionals, not participating in the iNTeg-Risk project, to learn about the project and its numerous results (150 deliverables already available) (http://integrisk.eu-vri.eu).

The preliminary program of the conference comprises:

May 2-5, 2012
Introduction to Risk Management (Risk and Safety Management)

This course (I-R1 INTRO) belongs to the series of courses of iNTeg-Risk (WP4.10). It is a part of the certified and accredited system of SHB (Steinbeis University Berlin) of academic and professional education.
Participation: Open, registration details will follow

May 4, 2012

A specialists’ meeting on “How space technologies can enhance our possibilities to deal with risks”.
Participation: By invitation, open for project partners and members of EU-VRi

May 6, 2012
Welcome reception

An ideal occasion to meet people attending the conference in the friendly atmosphere of the Maritim Hotel Stuttgart!
Participation: Open, registration details will follow

May 7-8, 2012
Main Conference

The results obtained in the project so far will be presented more in detail, including iNTeg-Risk early warning system RiskEars, emerging risk mapping (RiskAtlas of iNTeg-Risk), emerging risk management framework (iNTeg-Risk ERMF), emerging risk monitoring (iNTeg-Risk RiskClock and RiskTweet), emerging risk communication and methods and tools for emerging risk analysis.
Participation: Open registration (see below)

May 8, 2012
Project General Assembly (GA)

Annual meeting of iNTeg-Risk project partners summarizing project issues and making the important project-related decisions.
Participation: Project partners only

May 9, 2012
International Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting

The annual meeting of the Board will be the occasion to review project results and implementation of the IAB-recommendations of 2011
Participation: IAB members

May 10-11, 2012
China-Europe Risk Forum

An occasion to meet Chinese colleagues interested in risks.
Participation: Open, registration details will follow

This year, the Conference will be focused on the issues dealing with management of early warnings as well as with multiple and interconnected emerging risks of New Technologies and presentation of the current iNTeg-Risk results. The Conference will be accompanied by a specialized OECD workshop and Europe-China Risk Forum. This will be an additional opportunity for the entire risk community to share experiences on risk governance, communication, analysis and management and to enjoy the pleasant ambience of Hotel Maritim and Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart.

In order to ensure that the most interesting and relevant topics are included in the program of the Main Conference, we kindly invite you to communicate your interest by registering and submitting an abstract (200 words) at

February 10, 2012

The registration for the Main Conference is open at: http://eu-vri.eu/fwlink/?LinkID=349

Further details can be found on the attached document or on the website: http://eu-vri.eu/fwlink/?LinkID=350.

For possible queries, please, feel free to contact us at integrisk-conference4@eu-vri.eu.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Stuttgart.

iNTeg-Risk Conference Committee and iNTeg-Risk Project Team
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