5th iNTeg-Risk Conference 2013

5th iNTeg-Risk Conference 2013

5th iNTeg-Risk Conference 2013

„Horizon 2020: From iNTeg-Risk to the
European Emerging Risk Radar“

supported by The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA)

Stuttgart, Germany on May 21-22, 2013

The 5th iNTeg-Risk conference is an excellent opportunity for project partners to communicate their results to the “outside world” and an opportunity for interested professionals, not participating in the iNTeg-Risk project, to learn about the project and its numerous results (http://integrisk.eu-vri.eu). This conference is partly dedicated to one of the ways for ensuring sustainability of the final project results: The European Emerging Risk Radar (E2R2) Initiative is envisaged as a platform enabling to recognize, monitor and manage emerging risks at the European level.

The registration for the Conference is open at http://eu-vri.eu/fwlink/?LinkID=414.

For possible queries, please feel free to contact us at integrisk-conference5@eu-vri.eu.

We look forward to welcoming you in Stuttgart!

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