CZ-TPIS currently realizes one main project focused primarily on enhancing cooperation and mutual relations among  universities, research institutes, public administration and businesses in the field of industrial safety, building up sustainable channels for communication and effective instruments for collaboration,  establishing joint R&D projects and educational and training activities.

Technological development and trends in industrial safety

EU funding:

Operational Program “Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness” financed by the European Regional Development Fund

Main coordinator of the project:

Czech Technology Platform on Industrial Safety

Objectives of the project:

The main objective of the project is  to contribute to increasing the intensity of joint research, development and innovation activities between enterpreneurs entities and the research sector in the field of safety research, especially via:

  1. Addressing the industry (and related social) challenges of the sector and applying of new technologies.
  2. Establishing deeper cooperation between CZ-TPIS and ETPIS and involving of Czech research institutions and enterpreneurs to their work.
  3. Coordination of Czech enterpreneurs entities and research institutions in access  to the H2020 program and to other European programs, too.


1. 10. 2016 –  31. 5. 2019


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