Safety Culture Awards

CZ-TPIS organizes national competition focused on safety culture in companies

Safety Culture Award

Safety culture is an indicator for the level of the application and internalization of the safety standards or safety organization in the company.

The way to a high level of Safety Culture, which is characterized by self-responsible comportment and a high level of consciousness, comprises three segments:

a) the Organization of Easiness – Safety is still a task and topic for individuals, mostly the safety experts and or safety engineers in the company.

b) the Organization of Responsibility – A very good organization structure is established; this organization sets safety as the management’s task. But the leaders and managers are not all performing according to this concept.

c) the Culture of Responsibility – Occupational safety has really become a management task. The leaders’ and employees’ actions are increasingly self-responsible. Weak points and accidents are seen as chances for improvement.

The target of the competition is to help companies in the CR to improve the level of their safety culture and to define their strong and weak features in this field.

The winners are those that perform both the quality of safety in their organizations and the ability to integrate the safety culture into the whole corporate culture and among their employees.