ETPIS General Assembly

ETPIS General Assembly

The ETPIS General Assembly is planned to take place on May 23rd, 2013.

The ETPIS General Assembly will be organized in Stuttgart in conjunction with the 5th iNTeg-Risk conference and EU-VRi General Assembly.

In order to participate, you need to be an active member of ETPIS for 2013 and therefore, you need to pre-register here by February  11th, 2012.  Being a member of ETPIS enables you to have access to the information provided by ETPIS (news, workshop announcement, access to the slides presented during technical events…) and to be invited to the technical workshops organized on various topics related to industrial safety.

Further information on the iNTeg-Risk conference:

Členové CZ-TPIS mají možnost se tohoto setkání zúčastnit (náklady na cestu hradí CZ-TPIS). V případě zájmu se registrujte na e-mailu