ES5 Bezpečnost nanotechnologií

Nabídka zapojení do mezinárodního projektu:

InterNanoPack – Interconnected pilot lines for the efficient production of nanocomposite packaging

Packaging constitutes 39% of the European market demand for plastic (2011). Material development is required to reduce waste and to improve the overall properties of packaging, in particular for food. Nanoadditives can be used to provide packaging with improved performance, smarter properties and increased recyclability. The aim of this project is to develop a pan-European network of pilot lines for the design, production and testing of polymer based nanocomposite packaging. The final outcome of the proposal will be an all-encompassing, whole lifecycle methodology to develop products from concept to marketplace. This methodology will be simple, cost-effective and robust so that it can be easily accessed and utilised by any European SME, regardless of size or sophistication.  The pilot lines will consist of interconnected manufacturing processes and testing facilities developing nanoadditive modified polymer materials for packaging applications. Each process will be comprehensively monitored using state-of-the-art inline and online analysis techniques. Novel targeted nanoadditives will be employed for a range of specific applications in the four major packaging processes – extrusion blow moulding, injection moulding, film extrusion and thermoforming.  Our approach will be applicable to several market sectors including food, medical and electrical.

Consortium: Athlone Institute of Technology will co-ordinate the consortium and will drive the development of new technology platforms in interoperability. The AIT Materials Research Institute will also lead the extrusion blow moulding and injection moulding work packages. The QUB will lead the film extrusion and thermoforming work packages. AITIIP will lead work packages in design and masterbatch processing. SCF Processing Ltd will lead the inline and online analysis and work with all other partners to setup data capture. A forth RTO will lead the toxicology work package investigating safety. The multinational packaging company will lead the scale-up, integration and validation of new technology in the production setting. The consortium will consist of four SMEs currently producing packaging products and who will act as the main driver of packaging product innovation for the project.

Current confirmed partners – AIT (Co-ordinator IRELAND), QUB (RTO UK), AITIIP (RTO SPAIN), SCF Processing Ltd (SME IRELAND), Brow Packaging Ltd (SME UK), Prime Pac Ltd (SME UK). We are seeking four more partners across Europe – two SMEs active in packaging, a RTO for toxicology testing and a large multi-national packaging company.

We are actively seeking:-

  1. 1.      A RTO to lead toxicology testing of nanocomposite packaging Characterise nanoadditive migration from each packaging product • Perform in-vitro and in-vivo toxicological • Estimate exposure
  2. 2.      A SME active in injection moulding of packaging products in ANY market sector
  3. 3.      A SME active in thermoforming of packaging products in ANY market sector