Nanosafe 2012

Nanosafe 2012


The NANOSAFE project will organize the next edition of the International Conference on Safe production and use of nanomaterials Nanosafe 2012 on November 13-15, 2012, in Grenoble (France).

Following the successful outcome of the past International Conference on Safe production and use of nanomaterials Nanosafe 2010 that took place in Grenoble (France), the Organizing Committee has decided that the next edition will take place in MINATEC again in November 2012.


  1. Exposure assessment
  2. Detection and identification
  3. Toxicology
  4. Environmental interactions
  5. Nanomaterials release
  6. Protection technology
  7. Industrial production
  8. Life Cycle Analysis
  9. Ethics and societal issues
  10. Commercial equipement
  11. Risk management for OHS experts
  12. Regulation for nano products: REACH-US
    policies on nanoparticles in consumer products



The three-day programme for this conference will comprise:

  • Invited plenary lectures:
    G. Oberdörster (U. ROCHESTER), D. Pui (U. MINNESOTA), D. Brouwer (TNO), T. Nhuyen (NIST), F. Schuster (CEA), B. Nowack (EMPA), R. Muir (NANEUM). D. Bernard (ARKEMA), J. Rose (CEREGE), C. Engeman (UCSB) A. Grobe (U. STUTTGART). A. Grinbaum (CEA), F. Roure (FRENCH MINISTRY FOR ECONOMY, FINANCE AND INDUSTRY), A. Kishimoto (AIST, RISS), C. Emond (U. MONTREAL), L. Golanski (CEA), O. Witschger (INRS), E. Drais (INRS), P. SCHULTE (NIOSH/CDC), M. Puolamaa (European Commisssion, Brussels).
  • Selected oral contributions
  • Posters sessions
  • Panel discussions: Governance/ Toxicology/ The opinion of the civil society regarding nanomaterials
  • Exhibition of equipments related to safe production and use of nanomaterials
  • Satellite meeting:TRIMATEC

Call for papers (Deadline for abstracts: August 30, 2012)

Papers will be presented in oral and poster sessions.
To submit a paper, please go at the following link: